Where we are

Our story

Adaptive Hedge Fund Management started with fund manager Alexander Hyll. With inspiration from the investment philosophy of the world largest hedge fund managers, Alexander in 2018 began managing a family office. The objective was to achieve higher returns than MSCI World over the latest business cycle, through delivering alpha and uncorrelated returns.

Due to the advanced nature of such operations, hedge funds that offer products that provide uncorrelated returns and high alpha are largely inaccessible for most investors. Therefore, the thought of starting a hedge fund in Sweden, offering such a service in a more accessible manner to sophisticated investors soon came to mind.

The result you see today is Adaptive Hedge Fund Management. We are registered with the Swedish Financial Supervision Authority since January 2020, and currently run the Paradigm Alpha fund, a direct continuation of the strategy developed successfully developed in the family office.

Where we are going

Our vision

Hedge funds that are set up to fill their purpose in a constructed portfolio are few and far in between. Properly managed, however, hedge funds are able to create incredible value for their investors, providing a risk-adjusted upside while protecting the downside.

We will continue to create that value, by forming an organisation where the best talents can flourish around a framework of a framework of idea meritocracy, radical transparency, radical truth and thoughtful disagreement. To attract these talents, we cooperate with and have close connections with Linköping University.

With the European Green Deal, the EU is striving to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent. While we continue to offer state of the art financial services, we are also determined to contribute to this transformation into a more sustainable society, by following and establishing best practice, and spreading knowledge of how to leave a sustainable financial footprint.